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West Michigan Musicians cover That’s Alright Mama


West Michigan Musicians cover That's Alright Mama

West Michigan Musicians jammin out in the Basement

When three friends get together in the MI Basement Sessions, basement. Only fun can happen.  No pressure, no gain, just having a good time.

West Michigan Musicians cover That’s Alright Mama by Elvis one evening.  When Steve, Nick and Duane got together to play music they had no idea what song was going to be their first recording.

After some back and forth they decided to keep it simple and cover a rock classic, That’s Alright Mama.  The song was written by Arthur Crudup and was Elvis Presley’s first single from his first recording session.  In addition, On June 7, 1954 WHBQ Radio in Memphis became the first station to play this song when their disc jockey Dewey Phillips aired it on his Red, Hot and Blue show the day after Elvis recorded it. source: Song Facts

About the guys

“Music was in my home as far back as I can remember,” Steve Bar-b-q states. “Johnny Cash, Elvis from his parents collection. I was inspired by older brother and sister. My brothers record with Kiss and Alice Cooper on it freaked out my mom a bit.”

When ask about the first jam session Steve says, “The first jam brought me back to my roots of what I heard on the record player back when I was a kid.”

Guitarist Nick Schmuck remembers when Duane first ask him to come jam in the basement.  He had been following Duane’s ‘Welcome to my Basement” sessions and states, “Lets get something going outside of church and see what happens”. “We came up  with That’s Alright Mama’ out of no where when we were talking about what has inspired us.  It was a great pick.”

“To me, I just wanted to play music and explore that communication music brings to the table, comments Duane Weed, drummer and producer of MI Basement Sessions.”  “We are in the same worship band at church.  This allows us to share the musical experience with songs we grew up with.”

No pressure at all as these West Michigan Musicians had a great evening playing music.  Hope you enjoy our effort.

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Hosts & Guests

Nick Schmuck – Guitar/Vocals

Steve Barbknecht, aka Bar-b-q – Bass Guitar

Duane Weed – Drums

That’s Alright Mama

Cover Tune – Episode 7

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