Greta Van Fleet Review

Greta Van Fleet Review is about a Michigan band from Frankenmuth that began in 2012. This Michigan Music Review covers music Duand and Nick really like.  In the song we reviewed, Nick likes how they are stepping outside the box that people have put them in. “It is good to see a Michigan band come out with something different than the norm in alternative rock and roll” Nick continues.  “Their music gets us back into the era we all long for.”

Duane chimed in, “My son and i see alot of concert and we will put Greta Van Fleet on that list.”

Members of Greta Van Fleet

This Michigan band consists of three brothers and a good friend: on vocals Josh Kiszka, guitar Jake Kiszka, bass guitar Sam Kiszka; and drummer Danny Wagner.

The name ‘Greta Van Fleet’ – where did it come from?

Gretna Van Fleet, a resident of Frankenmuth is the inspiration for the band name.  One of the members heard a relative refer to Gretna and as they say, ‘the rest is history’.  The band made a small variation on her name and was done with her blessing, according to Wikipedia.  The band also stated in a later interview that while the band’s music is not her type, she supports the band and thinks they are very talented.

Contact information for Greta Van Fleet

Greta Van Fleet:


Aaron Frank


Marc Geiger, Ron Opaleski, Mike Rosenfeld, Alex Bramwell, WME


David Bradley, WME


Akiko Rogers, WME


Heidi Robinson Fitzgerald

Taylor Vaughn

About Greta Van Fleet – from their facebook page

SOURCE: Greta Van Fleet Facebook page:  2017, Greta Van Fleet’s first year as a professional band was a wild ride of sold-out concerts in North America and Europe, glowing press, accolades from a slew of fellow artists from Elton John to Nikki Sixx to Justin Bieber to Tom Hanks, millions of YouTube video plays and Spotify streams. 

Greta Van Fleet’s shared message with their music is to spread “peace, love and unity,” and their collective goal is to have people walk out of their live shows feeling invigorated, energized and exhilarated, and to take that feeling out into the world.

Greta Van Fleet Review  

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