About Michigan Music

About Michigan Music captures an interview with Duane Weed, Producer of MI Basement Sessions and David McCord, singer-songwriter from the group Three Husbands on the Loose at WION radio in Ionia.

The Why of the Basement Sessions

The love of music drives Duane and what he does.  When he came up with the concept of the show to promote MI Music and the people that make it happen.  It is the  ‘peeling away the oninion and getting to know the people that make music.”

Growth of Michigan Music

The beauty of the video podcast is to highlight musicians from all over Michigan.  Get to know their music, their passions and what makes them tick.

About Michigan Music

It is also about the people that run recording studios, record and music stores, venues where the music is played from Schools, Universites, Churches to bars and large venues.

How did Duane begin?

Pretty simple Duane states, “contacted musicians I know that I could corral
into my basement and come into jam”. 

David reponded, “We decided to do something a little different than what Duane expected in that he said tell me some of the songs that your band does and then he would listen to them and practice them up and then we’ll get together and we decided we wanted to play all original music that we had written ourselves”. Duane chimes in, “challenge accepted”!  David continues, “So I sent him the recordings that we had and he came up with some percussion tracks for it and so on so by the time we got together we had a blast.”

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WION Radio Interview with Duane Weed and David Mcord

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