Door of Hope Band

No More Running

Episode 6

Door of Hope Band Door of Hope Band

Door of Hope Band manager Laurie Boyd from Paw Paw Michigan joined host Duane Weed in the studio to share her band and journey.

Laurie L. Boyd, an indie Christian singer-songwriter, has always believed in bringing hope to people, and through song, loves giving a voice to those who cannot speak. Her own life is a story of hope.  Believing everyone deserves a chance to change their story, she and her husband Rick founded Door of Hope Band in 2017 to release the Songs of Deliverance album project. The band featured a collective of regional worship leaders as session musicians and background vocalists.  With Laurie on lead vocals and keys, together they created what she describes as “An organic and cage-free live worship project featuring liberating original songs that chronicle our raw and intimate journey back to our place of hope and truth in Christ: freedom indeed!”. Laurie continues to compose and lead worship at different venues, and is working on releasing a new single in 2019.

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Hosts & Guests

Laurie Boyd – Singer/Songwritter

Rick Boyd – Percussionist

Duane Weed – Host

Download the song No More Running
off the CD, Songs of Deliverance (Live)
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Laurie Boyd – No More Running

Written by Laurie Boyd

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