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MI Basement Sessions features Michigan Music and the People that make it happen!


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MI Basement Sessions:  When Duane was eight he began his journey to become one of the okayest drummers around (funnier in Duane’s head). His love for music  and passion for storytelling teamed up with his day job as a producer/director at DW Video to create this weekly show.

In late 2018 Duane went into production on a new weekly show with a focus on Michigan music.  Inspired by Daryl’s House, the focus each week show is on everything dealing with Michigan and our wonderful sound.

On April 13, 2019 MI Basement Sessions was released.  The show will focus on the music industry in Michigan. From jams in the basement, to venues, churches, schools, recording studios and festivals. Not to mention music stores, record shops and who knows what else.  Strap in, Turn it Up and together we will enjoy the ride!


Duane Weed

Duane Weed


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James Reeser Music Review

James Reeser Music Review: Duane states he first heard James Reeser and the Backseat Drivers when they opened for Davy Knowles at the 97 WLAV Summertime blues concert in the summer of 2019.  Was impressed with their tightness, yet the ability to walk along the line of...

Top Shelf Country Music performs Seminole Wind

Top Shelf Country Music performs Seminole Wind a John Anderson classic in this episode of MI Basement Sessions.  Video Producer/Musician Duane Weed joins the group on drums in a nice basement session recording.   Dan Yother shares his thoughts, "I believe whenever you...

Greta Van Fleet Review

Greta Van Fleet Review Greta Van Fleet Review is about a Michigan band from Frankenmuth that began in 2012. This Michigan Music Review covers music Duand and Nick really like.  In the song we reviewed, Nick likes how they are stepping outside the box that people have...

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Michigan has a sound.  Started in Motown and has grown every since.

MI Basement Sessions is a venue for musicians, artist, technicians and educators to share their love for music with the rest of us. 

The sound coming from our Great Lakes State includes Rock and Roll, Punk, Alternative, Rock, Blues, Classical, Folk, Country, Gospel, Electronic Dance, Trop Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rap, Big Band,  Rhythm and blues and the list goes on.  Our purpose is to take a look into what makes up a band, why do they do what they do?  What inspires them? What was the inspiration behind writing that song or standing up for a cause?  Then there is the music, we need to hear their sound.   This is MI Basement Sessions, stick around, share your thoughts and help us support the music scene in Michigan.